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Gardening Tools

Turf Management


Revitalize your tired or damaged lawn and have it looking just like new again. Our Overseeding service effectively repairs weak, bare, and thin areas of your lawn. New grass seed assists in thickening up these areas before they continue to worsen and problems arise. Continually adding new grass seed replaces older, tired grass to keep it healthy and robust.


If you’re looking for fast installation with great results, sod is an advantageous method to install your new lawn. Sod is grass that has been previously developed. It is installed in sections of grass and soil held together by roots.


Core aeration is the process of mechanically removing small cores of soil from the lawn using an aeration machine. The aeration machine is designed to penetrate the soil and remove small cores about 2-3” in depth.

• Reduces and relieves soil compaction.

• Encourages deep healthy roots.

• Removes undesirable, excessive thatch layers.

• Helps eliminate drought stress.

• Stimulates new turf growth.


Soils lacking in nutrients, poor structure, and low organic material create a challenge in maintaining healthy turf.

• Rejuvenate tired grass

• Improving poor soil conditions.

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